What is that bear Dalamar doing?

As this comic slowly gets re-posted every Tuesday and Friday until the new material starts, its a good opportunity for a post-mortem on the comic in general. I can talk about what I liked or disliked or what I think worked well, what I think didn’t work well in my first attempt at original sequential storytelling.

In the first panel I try to establish that the setting it Castle Ankhridge. In retrospect, it sort of looks castle-y but also kind of doesn’t. It could just as easily be a view of a market district or something like that. I like, for the most part, how the 2nd panel is executed from a perspective, clarity and motion. I have never been happy about the profile of the king the third panel, but it not a big deal.  The last panel does the job as well. I think this page does a good job of showing how I like to draw Bjornsaga in a cinematic style.

Eagle-eyed readers will see that an inconsistency in Dalamar’s design has already appeared, specifically in his outfit. His collar has gone full Italian Opera Clown compared to his first appearance a few pages back.

Hope you are enjoying the comic about bears. See you Tuesday!