There’s something fishy about this whole thing, dammit. Darrius wants me to let it go, but what Darrius doesn’t know…

– Greta, Trail Warden of the Eastern Passage

Greta isn’t about to just let the events of the past day drop. That’s not the type of bear she is. So she’s putting her claws on the ground, so to speak. I mean, they are pretty much always on the ground, but you know what I mean.

The first panel in this set shows off my famous “fudged-perspective”. Its where I fake real perspective for something that sorta looks like it. You’ll find it throughout these comics, as its my jam. I am always intending to learn and use proper perspective (when the new material drops, I swear!) but as yet, it hasn’t happened. At the time, I was able to use Inktober’s daily posting schedule as an excuse (and I will continue to do so, trust me) but the days of doing that will end soon.

I’m actually pretty happy with every single panel in the set, composition-wise. What I don’t like is they quality of the scan, or rather the “not-scan”.  This particular comic didn’t actually get scanned on a proper scanner, once inked. At the time I had to settle for taking photos of the panels with my cell-phone camera (yeah, sue me. Some days came down to the wire and I had to get them in before midnight). Brush strokes do end up lending a texture to the walls, but it might be a bit much. My favorite is the third panel.

Thanks as always for checking it out! See you Friday.

Jimmy loves you.