“That’s Rock, all right. Oh, he is huge, for sure. The only thing bigger than him is the tab he’s run up…”

– Barkeeper Thomas

A new character approaches! Introducing Rock! Rock is a mountain of a bear, with appetites to match.

Again, I’m still quite happy with the overall work in the panels, specifically the first two. The shadows disappear after that, but its probably acceptable as the focus goes to dialog. And although Rock is a massive bear, his size is a bit exaggerated for effect in the final panel.

One thing I was never quite happy with was the line delivery in the final two panels. Rock’s line “What can you do for Rock?” was meant to be like a clever play on the traditional introductory greeting “what can I do for you?” but it ends up reading more like a simple demand. In hindsight a more deliberate “Its nice to meet you, what can you do for me?” would probably have been better.

Happy Friday, all! Its been a rough week for pretty much everyone. If I have one piece of advice for you right now, its to start taking whatever steps are necessary to register to vote for this November.

Jimmy loves you! See you Tuesday đŸ™‚