Greta recruits the biggest bear she has ever seen.


“This should be fine. This is fine” – Greta

Some handful of posts back I mentioned that there were some pages of the original comic that got rushed. I think its pretty obvious this is one of them. I still kind of like the flow of it, but staring too long at any one particular element and I just get a little anxious about showing it and what people might think about it.

But then I just say “Pfft whatever. Most people don’t do anything, much less try to make something”.  And that sort of works for a while. But then I remember I have a lot of friends who DO make stuff, some REALLY AMAZING stuff and I admire the hell out of them and some of them are my absolute heroes and I then imagine them looking at my work and secretly laughing or whatever and I die a little bit because putting yourself on display like this IS still new to me. Its a vulnerability, especially when you are at a certain age and you aren’t where you want to be and wish you had done some things differently and ugh GEEZ IM JUST GOING TO EAT COMFORT FOOD AND PLAY GAMES UNTIL IM DISTRACTED ENOUGH TO NOT FEEL BAD

But..its still better that I share this stuff, I think. It may not be my best, but its honest. I’ll improve along the way.

See you guys on Friday

Jimmy loves you