“The magic lights danced, reflecting on the surface of Olfyg’s eyes. And then FWOOM!! He was enraptured once again…”

Hey guys! Well this is embarrassing but I nearly forgot to post the comic entirely.  Luckily its still early evening so its not that big a deal, but I am trying to do the “consistency” thing. Normally they go up at like 4am EST (Every Tuesday and Friday! Tell your friends!), but again, I have been a little bogged down with stuff, crud and junk so please allow me this small offense.

As always, I wonder if what I’m drawing is communicating what it it supposed to. In these panels, Olfyg is supposed to be taking one last look out of the giant tree he has made his new practicing spot before casting a spell and getting carried away by the magic. Panels two and three are interesting in that there is a cool thing happening with the reversal of the lights and darks from one panel to the next, but in neither of them can you actually see his hands….er…paws….umm…his pands(?). The point is, at the time my hope was that it what you see here was enough to communicate. I think it works. What do you think?

See you guys on Friday! Jimmy loves you.