“Crafty bear! I can’t believe that worked. This is just embarrassing” – Rock

I like to think this comic represents a much better execution than the previous few. There isn’t a single panel I am not happy with on this one and I think the flow works near perfectly. Perhaps the third panel isn’t 100% clear that Rock is sort of slinging Greta up onto his back, but its close enough. Maybe 90 or 95% clear.

As I’ve mentioned a few times by now, the new stuff is coming and isn’t far off. In fact, we are only approximately a month away from the beginning of the next chapter! The plots have been plotted, the words have been worded (SO to @gavindillinger) and the drawing for it has officially begun! I’m really looking forward to sharing it all with you, my fantasy bear-loving friends. Its going to look a bit different from what you may be used to seeing here, but that’s because it is finally transitioning to a real graphic novel style webcomic rather than a collection of panels from the last Inktober…

…and speaking of Inktober, *of course* there will be an Inktober event this year as well. Come on, son! You know how we do!

So with that said, I want to remind ya’ll that I have a Patreon and if you want to be getting early access to the comic come September (and whatever other goodies I can pass along), all you need to do is drop $1 in the bucket over at https://www.patreon.com/jmgallo