“Yeah, okay Rock, your way is faster but *believe me*, we WILL have words about this once this is over.” – Greta, barely (bearly?) hanging on to Rock’s shoulders.

Another Friday, another comic that I nearly forgot to post because IDK I didn’t hit the schedule button or some such. No matter, its here now, so enjoy!

One of the things I’m excited about the new material in a few weeks (yes, a few weeks!) is introducing a couple of new characters.  Apart from expanding the admittedly narrow scope of this story thus far a bit, I’m itching to evolve the look of the comic with more varied character designs (what a concept!), environments, etc. Again, without the constraint of hitting daily deadlines for Inktober, I’m excited to see just what I can come up with in a proper comic. I’m deliberately trying not to oversell it though, because this whole comic thing is still very much a learning experience for me. It will be a some time, I think, before I can look at what I’m posting and be confident in comparing it to pro work on the shelves from the big guys.

But hey, this was the plan from the beginning. I’d rather have you along for the ride on this bear-driven caravan of courage. I’ve tried doing the “super-secret-show-no-one-anything-until-its-perfect” thing, and, for me at least, it never works. I just end up in a cycle of flaking out on the work, playing video games and then feeling guilty for not doing the thing. Forget that silliness!

Have a great weekend everybody! Jimmy loves you.