You guys, we are SO CLOSE to the new material, you don’t even know! There isn’t much to say about it at this point other than keep watching this space because its imminent.

So during the original run of this comic as we approached the final days of Inktober, it hit Gavin (writing helper extraordinaire twitter: @gavindillinger) and I that we hadn’t yet included any action scenes of any kind. The splash page on the second day showing the carnage of the bear caravan wagon didn’t really count. That was aftermath, not action. Here I was calling the the comic a “fantasy world of swords, sorcery and bears”, but I was missing an entire third of that equation. So we threw this fight scene (which spills over into next Tuesday’s comic) into the mix and I think the end results work pretty well. Overall, I like the way it looks. I think its paced pretty well. I really like Rock’s veteran line in the last panel.

Now is a good time to remind people that comments are welcome! If you are an artist or otherwise knowledgeable, I’d love to hear your opinions on what you think works or not. OR, if you are just a reader or fan I’m still interested in hearing what you think! I’m always open to criticism and if I like what you have to say, that’s great! And if I don’t then I’ll just ignore you and we’ll still be all good!

Well that’s all I got for today. Enjoy the comic, its got two bonus panels this week because it wouldn’t have made sense if it didn’t. See you on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

Jimmy loves you.