“You really *are* handy with that staff sling, Greta! Good looking out!” – Rock


Behold my amazing use of sound effects. I’m really getting the hang of making comics, aren’t I?

There are maybe four comics left of this original Inktober run, which means the new bear stuff is three Fridays away. Are you ready? Its okay if you are not. I’m definitely not really ready, but like anything else I attempt to do publicly, its basically a “damn the torpedoes” sort of situation where I post what I’ve got and then grit my teeth and pretend I’m not agonizing over what everybody thinks about it. My entire life is a series of these moments, to be honest. Not just my art.

By the way, maybe I forgot to mention this before but these posts are where I’m going to just dump my fears, anxieties and insecurities (and good stuff too, I’m sure!) as they occur. I’m hoping that anyone who is choosing to read these posts might identify or relate. That and its probably just cheaper than going to therapy.  I realize in the grand scheme of things that this is not important and yeah yeah I’m just a speck of dust in the universe so stop being so self-important right? Well I don’t really know what to say besides yes that is true, its not truly important but simultaneously yes it IS important. Its really important to me. I don’t occupy the entire the universe, or even a galaxy. I occupy my own tiny little world and in that space where I live every day, these little things are important *because* they make up my life. These little thing are big in my little world.

So I guess I’m just hoping it might become important to you as well. Bears, that is. Sword-swinging, magic-slinging bears. Are important.

I mean…I’m pretty sure its important.

That’s all. See you all on Friday!

Jimmy loves you.