“Rock, I’d appreciate it if going forward when we come across a possible lead in this case we don’t CUT IT IN HALF WITH A GIANT SWORD?!”  – Greta, Trail Warden of the Eastern passage

Happy Friday, everybody!  Did you know that you are two Fridays away from BRAND NEW BJORNSAGA CONTENT? Because you are! I am so excited to start sharing it with every single one of the approximately 42 people who read this comic regularly. 42 of the most awesome folks.

or should I call you “Bjorn-agains”?

Bjorn-Agains! Yes, I think it a delight.

What else? Oh, so for years I have wanted a Wacom Cintiq tablet monitor to do digital drawing and painting on.  And that has not changed! And I still do not own one! However, in a few days I will be the owner of one of the Chinese alternatives that have slowly been gaining popularity for their rising quality and budget-friendly price.  For quite literally the quarter of the price Amazon is asking for a Wacom Cintiq 22HD, I am getting a 22 inch IPS Tablet monitor from that ever-famous maker of drawing tablets, the one one and only….uh…*checks notes*….PNBOO… (pronounced Pee-En-Boo, as far as I know)

Here’s an image I yanked off a google image search.

After some research into reviews and speaking with a couple of folks who purchased the same model (Side note, this model is the exact same model as one made by Ugee, a slightly more well-known brand. Turns out PNBOO actually mnufactures them for Ugee) I figured “why the hell not?” and placed the order.

Most online video reviews for all of these Cintiq alternatives (Huion, Ugee, XPPEN, et al) all seem to boil down to “this product is very good for the price, but its not as good as Wacom”. I may do a review of it if I feel there is something I may be able to add to that. Personally I am looking forward being able to comp out full pages of the comic directly on screen. And also to just paint some awesome bears doing their thing.

That’s it, everybody! Have a great weekend. One last thing: It won’t kill you take a minute to educate yourself on the history of, and reasons for, Labor Day. Seriously, just google it. I literally spent the first 30 years of my life not having any idea what the point of it was and if the schools I went to taught it, I must have been sick those days.

Jimmy loves you.