“Don’t worry Greta, I’ve got it all figured out” – Rock

Its still technically Tuesday so technically this comic is right on time.

I’m coming to find out, for the second time, how hard it is to make a comic. I do not know if it shows in the comic, but the amount of headache that went into this page compared to last Friday’s, is pretty insane. These layouts don’t look all that complicated, in fact that aren’t, but that didn’t stop me from having trouble. Its why this page is nearly a day late. There are a couple of different things I can identify as being problematic, but the reality is that I just didn’t put the work in to the early pencils. That caused the rest of it to be difficult make. Lesson learned: More prep. Less winging it.

That said. If you know someone who is making comics on top of working a day job, then you know someone who is working their ass off.