“Enough!” bellowed Rock! “The money! As we agreed!”

And here, Bjornagains, is Tuesday’s comic, as we agreed.

Yesterday marked the first day of Inktober 2018. Inktober is an annual month-long art event where you get to see people posting amazing daily drawings done in ink. Its also a thirty-one day stretch of artists publicly freaking out, having panic attacks and generally losing all their chill about whether or not they can or will participate or not. Seriously, you have never seen so many people losing sleep over an even that is completely voluntary.

If successful, this will be my fourth consecutive year of completing the challenge at 100%. In fact, this comic about bears got its start during last year’s Inktober event. Not to brag or anything but I managed to do a LOT of ink last year. With multiple panels per page, I ended up doing about 144 drawings instead of 31, though I will freely admit the quality varied. If you are new to the comic, you can revisit it all and see how it came about on a daily basis by clicking the “first” button underneath today’s comic and start from the beginning.

Obviously I’m going to use this year’s Inktober to try to promote Bjornsaga and these bears. Here is yesterday’s Inktober Day 1 drawing. Enjoy!

See you Friday

Jimmy loves you