For those who don’t know, Bjornsaga is literally the first webcomic (or any comic) I’ve ever written. I’ve drawn comics for other people before, but never anything of my own creation prior to this. If you were to put it D&D terms, you could say maybe I’m a level 12 artist but definitely currently a level 1 writer of these bears. If you stick around I think you will agree. There are some pretty hilarious continuity and consistency mishaps in the coming days. Remember, this was drawn daily every day for Inktober 2017. Some days were straight up rushed. Overall I’m still super proud of what came of it, with one or two panels being the exception. You’ll know them when you see them. Also, I’ll probably just point them out.

I need to shout out Gavin Dillinger (twitter @gavindillinger), by the way, for helping me to even make this happen.  With a bare bones outline, he helped get some actual dialog in the bubbles you see here. Thanks dude.