For those who don’t know, which is probably a lot of you, Bjornsaga first appeared last October as a daily comic for Inktober 2017. As such, it was posted to my Instagram, so unless you happened to already be a follower, you probably didn’t know a thing about it unless you also happened to be on my other social media where I shared it.  This came with some challenges.  Aside from limiting the reach of the comic (hindsight always 20/20), another thing about posting a comic on Instagram is you have to more or less stay true to the square aspect ratio. Which, for me, was problematic because I just always want to draw everything in at least a 16:9. The wider the better.  I basically want to draw a movie. But even with Instagram’s implementation of landscape aspect, trying to squeeze all the dialogue into it would have ruined the effect. So the solution is what you have been seeing here: letter-boxing an landscape image.

I’m still proud of the way it came out but I had a few people tell me that the lack of panel variety was an issue. I had to agree. I like the composition of nearly every panel of bears I drew for Inktober, but if you were to print these up into a physical book (which might still happen if NYCC comes a calling) I fear it might make for a somewhat dull experience. I did like the few splash pages I was able to squeeze into it.

Again, so much of this is my first time doing it. When I do print this up, I should just make a sticker that says exactly that and slap it on every copy.

OH BTW! You, lucky and attractive reader, get a bonus page today. Pages 6&7 are both going up today because it would have been weird to break up these eight panels between Tuesday and Friday. A new character appears!

See you Friday. Jimmy loves you.